Assignment Features

Property Valuers Under the terms of the assignment agreement, the new buyer assumes all obligations from the original creditor. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such points:

  1. reputation of the builder;
  2. whether all payments have been paid by the creditor with whom the contract is concluded;
  3. whether there is the consent of the husband / wife, if the creditor is an individual and is married;
  4. check the acts of mutual settlements of all participants in the construction, if the assignment agreement is drawn up with a legal entity. 

The assignment agreement can be concluded before the signing of the transfer act between the investor and the developer. After registration of the apartment in the property is a contract of sale.  

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Information that should be in the assignment agreement:

  1. Description of the object.
  2. Technical characteristics of the apartment.
  3. Number, section, specification.
  4. Price.
  5. Payment procedure.
  6. Commissioning.

If the first buyer paid for the apartment to the developer, then the new buyer must be given the appropriate document.

How New Laws May Affect Assignment

The assignment scheme is often used by those who want to make money on square meters. In order to prevent price dumping, developers limit investment areas to a certain percentage or number of apartments, and demand that the pricing policy be coordinated during resale.  

At the legislative level, there are initiatives to completely ban the sale of square meters during the construction phase, but they do not find support. Today the market does not have enough free funds to fully finance the construction.

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