lifedebt obligation and then they use theircredit default swap to you know insurethemselves against the failure all theseso they can make a ton load of money onselling crappy investments and then ofcourse benefit from the failure on topof them and of course if you’reabsolutely insane and ready for aninsane risk yeah you can probably make abit of money off of the massiveinflation on value but at the same timeyou can lose everything I mean thebubble is ready to burst at any time andpeople have to realize that when youmanipulate and manipulate and manipulateand create artificial markets eventuallythat bubble is going to burst and Johngo into what will happen if that bubblebursts anytime soon in general what willhappen when have a problem first of allis that there’s no real economy leftstanding there’s massive deflation Irsaywe looked in on in the United States allof these moles and everything’s shuttingdown you know Macy’s sears all these bigshopping companies this is also amazonyou know it’s amazon well there’s anunderlying thing there which is calledthe demographic cliff like all thesebaby boomers have stopped spending a lotof money so there’s not enough consumerspending to keep you know the consumereconomy alive anymore and of coursethere is a demographic cliff like allthe people are now aging on an averageso there’s less and less people beingable to contribute into these systemsthat they created and there’s you knowpeople are leery the younger generationelyria to